The start of fall is unofficially here and summer is not quite over, but I’m looking forward to the change.  Labor day marks a very special time for us.  Kids return to school, the nights are cool, and the air become crisp.  We celebrate this day every year by attending the Marshal County Blueberry Fest in Plymouth Indiana.  Plymouth is a small town in north central Indiana, population 10,000.  A real close knit community where everyone is Sir or Ma’am and you get to know your neighbors.  On any given Friday night you can find something going on at the local high school.  For 1 special weekend though the town gets turned upside down.  This small town increases its population from 10,000 to over 100,000 for 4 days with the largest amount coming in on Sunday for an antique car show, fireworks, and hot air balloon glow.  The smells of the festival fills the air.  You can find anything you want, from a new car to alligator tacos but no one passes up the blueberry donuts.  The firework show is one for the record books.  People come from hundreds of miles around just to watch.  It has been said if you don’t like this show you don’t like fireworks.  I guess it’s that simple.  Watch video from Fireworks.  FireworksIMAG1623


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