All men are created equal.

Let that sink in.


We as American’s say these words, yet few of us believe them.

When we stop thinking about each other as a certain ethnicity and realize just how similar we really are we will learn how precious life is.  We can see all the colors of the rainbow and see them all as beautiful, yet we look at each other as different because of what we look like.

I recently discovered a website where you can blend photo’s of multiple people and see what they would look like.  The good people at The Chive compiled a group of “average” persons from different parts of the world by using this website.

As you look through all the photo’s notice how similar they are.   Look into their eyes.  You will see someone you know in each one.

Life is beautiful.  People are unique.

Lets fight against preconceived notions about a person and allow them to open up to you.  Learn to love people.  When you meet someone new forget what you know about “that type of person” and accept them as the person they are.  Meet everyone on the level.

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