In today’s society we’ve debated every ounce of what America was, is, and should be going into the future.  Difference of religion.  Difference of politics.  Difference in taxation.  No 1 person has the right answer to these complex issues, but if we keep an eye on our founding documentations and the reasons why they were written we will find the answers we look for.

Listen to the passion and conviction in our founding documents.

We don’t find people like this in our society anymore.  The willingness to stand up against what is wrong and fight.  Even against all odds.  American’s now a days are too easily swain from 1 social injustice to the next without pausing to see the big picture.

Over half the population is not satisfied with our current political environment and feel the government no longer works for them but the other way around.  and we still allow ourselves to be taken advantage of by the people we elect to office.  Read the constitution all the way through.  Here’s a link for a pocket copy.  Make your voice heard.  If you’re not satisfied make your voice heard.  Write, call, visit your elected officials.  Voting is just around the corner.  Make a change.


2 thoughts on “America: No Longer What It Was

  1. I feel ya… hell even Bernie Sanders shames us for our voting participation rate and he’s the Socialist.

    It’s funny, I just commented on a blog that showed how the 15 dollar/hr. minimum wage has already cost jobs that the illustration was as clear as it could get but it that wouldn’t matter to the Libs – nothing ever does.

    On the other side we’ve watched our government turn our country upside down and yet barely half the country votes. Seems the Libs and the Progressives can do anything they want…. it won’t matter to the conservatives – nothing ever does.

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