Healing from a Bitter Wound

Tim is a mentor of mine and one of the best men I know. Give him a read.

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When criticised there are three elixirs to pour over the wound.

  1. You can pour the water of resentment over the wound but only after you consider John Roebling.  The man who was the mind behind the infamous Brooklyn Bridge was imagining the same structure that would span the Ohio River connecting Northern Kentucky to Cincinnati.  When dreaming of what could become, his foot was caught between a passing ferry and the dock.  After losing a couple of toes, water therapy (pouring water over a wound) was used in order to fend off gangrene.  He died of tetanus 10 days later.
  2. You can also administer the witchhazel of revenge.  You may contend with your rage for a few rounds but even the stoutest of fighting men see through swollen staggering the inability to quench the fires if indignancy.  The drunken stupor will lighten the load in the evening, but sorrows will be…

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